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Cyber warfare means the attempts by countries, organizations, or individuals at violating and penetrating the opposing side’s computers or networks in order to leak the information or steal information, or cause disruption. While Cyber warfare is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent years, there is still no instance of it occurring that have caused a massive amount of damage or unrest. That being said, it is still a hanging threat. This is not just unethical but is considered as a crime. Cyber warfare is a an issue which is addressed across the world.

Recent Hack

The recent hack at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which was discovered in 2014, resulted in personal information about company employees, executive salaries, and unreleased films, among other information, being released. It is considered as one the most devastating cyber attacks in history. But a large part of the saga’s intrigue comes from the way the matter was handled on the global stage. Since the hackers demanded that a then-upcoming movie about Kim Jong-un be cancelled, the United States of America promptly and conveniently indicted North Korea of what they called a state-sponsored crime. North Korea, though, denied responsibility of such an act. This points to a certain increased seriousness with cyber warfare seems to be perceived on an international level in this age, and it is likely that more such attacks will follow as countries, organizations and even terrorist groups look to invest increasingly in the development of encryption technologies and hacking techniques.

Cyber-Surveillance Systems

Along with becoming more adept at cyber warfare by the day, many developed countries are investing a lot into the cyber-surveillance systems, which covertly monitor computer activity, data being stored on system hard drives or transferred across computer networks. With the help of surveillance governments and other organizations maintain social control, detect and monitor threats, and forestall and inquire into criminal activity. Governments in this age possess a ridiculous level of authority in order to monitor the activities of their citizens using programs, technologies and laws to legalize such actions.

Electronic Impresonation

One significant cyber-crime of today is Electronic Impersonation, or E-impersonation. It happens when scammers, thieves, or people after revenge pretend to be someone else online – either by way of creating fake online profiles, or by communicating through email while faking their identity. In most cases the purpose is to con people in order to gain confidential information, or to bully others. It is a crime worthy of severe punishment.

We live in an age defined by the boundaries and limits that technology keeps on pushing further. As we see technology grow and a develop at a faster rate than at any point in recorded history, we also see the rise of cyber-warfare, its constituent cyber-crimes, and their counters in terms of cyber-security such as surveillance. Expect this trend to continue as we advance further in this millennium.

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