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Camera Installation – Quick & Reliable Service

Need to keep a surveillance on your home, workplace, and employees or record activities after hours?

Our security cameras are the best option and method to obtain security for your home and workplace. With the help of the cameras, you can store video footages, which can act as proof of criminal activities.

The best part about installing a security camera is that you can connect it to your TV, smartphone and/or computer. This will make it easy for you to access and watch your vicinity from anywhere at anytime.

FAS Synergies will design, install, and provide the best surveillance solution for you. We aim to help all types and size of businesses, residential or community.

“No matter what brand of camera you wish to install; we have it all!”

Each camera has different prices and specification, all you need to do is fill in the details in the “Quotation Form” and we will send you a complete detail of the products and prices that fit your requirements.

Expert Installation Services

“Get complete CCTV installation service at a reasonable price.”

At FAS Synergies we give any business or home the complete CCTV installation service at a reasonable price. Our camera installation service is designed to help a business stay focused on what they do best.

“We aim for your security and safety.”

With our CCTV installation service, you can be assured of high quality and trusted CCTV brands, best surveillance equipment, and friendly technical support. Hire FAS Synergies as your CCTV camera surveillance provider and get the safety and security you deserve.

Camera Installation Service

FAS Synergies provides various kinds of Biometric Attendance System products that are suitable according to your area and locality. We provide both fingerprints and face biometric system.

Camera Installation Service

We install CCTV cameras with the help of our expert crew. Making it easy for you to find a company who provide a range of CCTV camera brands and installations service.

Customer Relationship Management

Fassynergies’ CRM can assist you in responding more precisely to the requirements of your customers, learning about their preferences and bettering interaction with customers.

Customized & Professional Logo Designing Service

Fassynergies offers the best in logo designing service! Having years of experience in designing unique yet affordable logo designs, our team of logo designers is continuously striving for excellence.

Wi-Fi Installation Service 

We are an expert on wireless network services and deliver the best wireless installation service for indoor and outdoor networks. We have a variety of wireless solutions and options. 

Word Press Management

Our WordPress Management is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who require professional websites which are suited to their unique business needs.

WordPress Web Design 

We at FAS Synergies, give services for Responsive Web Design which is a technique used by our modern web designers to give their website users the best possible online experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the importance of CCTV cameras?

With the current security issues in Pakistan, it has become important to install CCTV cameras at your residential, and work place for safety measures. Furthermore, the need for CCTV camera installation at work place has become increasingly popular. Why? Well because it is now also used to keep a check on employees at the work place, and also used at educational institutes for security and to eliminate any Academic Dishonesty.

What should my budget be for the CCTV camera installation?

The budget depends on you, just fill in your requirements in the “Quotation Form” and we will email the price list and brands which suit your price range.

What is Indoor Dome Camera and Outddoor Dome Camera? Do you provide both Indoor Dome Camera and Outdoor Dome Camera?

Indoor Dome Cameras are used for observation and surveillance of the indoor vicinity. If you wish to install cameras inside your home, supermarket or office it would be considered as Indoor CCTV Camera installation. Indoor CCTV is not just for security but also to keep a check on what is going on in the vicinity.

The law and order situation of the country is not stable, which is why we have to look after our property by yourself. FAS Synergies is offering the best and secure Outdoor Dome Camera brands at reasonable prices which fit your requirements.

FAS Synergies provides both indoor and Outdoor Dome Camera installation services at a reasonable price to our clients. We offer high-quality camera images and recording with the feature that lets you surveillance your area both inside and outside through your smart phones from anywhere and at any time.

What is the difference between Auto Iris and Direct Drive Lenses?

A lot of our commercial clients have an existing IT staff. We work with them to relieve them and share their responsibilities so they can direct their focus on larger projects being present at the physical location of the business. This allows for more efficiency, saving time and money.

What size monitor should I be use?

The size of the monitor depends on a number of reasons, such as:

  1.  The number of images to be displayed at the same time
  2. Viewing distance
  3. Available space
How does billing work? Do I get billed every time we call you for assistance?

Of course not. Only if you require assistance that is outside of your plan is any additional payment.

Contact us now and get your hands on the best deals ever!

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