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Know All about Blogging and Content Marketers with Our Custom Guides!

Since a few years, B2B companies created new content on their websites only when they had new products or services for sale or when they published a press release. Owing to the day-to-day benefits of marketing strategies, today, consumer behavior has evolved and transformed on the pointers of how to do content marketing. Consumers are now looking for answers to their questions online and they compare their options before committing to a purchase process. In fact, 21% of Internet users say that blog posts help them make a buying decision.

Content marketing allows consumers to learn the content of interest to them when they wish. This is particularly with a content marketing strategy with which you can take advantage of with this change in habits of your potential customers. A B2B company which has an effective content strategy, oriented towards their ideal customer, will hold a competitive advantage. As a matter of fact, a company blog generates 130% more potential customers as compared to a business that does not do blogging. We also know that it generates on average 434% more indexed pages on search engines. Each of indexed pages is a gateway that can take your visitors to convert into leads and discover your services and offers.

The Business Blog

The corporate blog is still a mystery to many. However, when alloyed with content strategy, it becomes an essential tool to attract more traffic to convert visitors into potential customers and to acquire more customers. Furthermore, the content of your blog can help you greatly improve your customer service. For example, frequent questions can be answered on your blog, allowing your clients to train or educate themselves. This way, you will focus your efforts on more profitable tasks for your business.

How Can We Help You?

We give you the tools to make your business blog a powerful marketing tool for B2B and the first contact with visitors to your website. Your editorial calendar is designed around actual questions received by your sales team and thus focuses on the real problems of your potential customers and clients. Such content also includes deals like eBooks or guides, downloadable by your visitors to promote your lead generation.

Benefits You Will Receive

Here are some of the benefits of content marketing for your business:

  1. Improve your lead generation through a corporate blog and your content offers;
  2. Help your sales team to save time by developing content that meets the common questions of your customers;
  3. Generate content to share on social networks to increase your reach;
  4. Improve your visibility on the web with content focused on relevant keywords to your personas.

At FAS Synergies, we develop unique content strategies that help our clients to educate their target audiences. These strategies help to bring potential customer to cross the 3 stages of the buying cycle: awareness, consideration and decision-making or the final purchase.