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Different systems call for different choices for security solutions. Here are some tips that you can use as a head-up to make the best decisions:

  1. The best spots for the camera are the front and rear windows, i.e. the entry points in the home or in the workplace.
  2. Consider getting a night vision camera if you need to watch your home at night.
  3. Apart from the hardware specifications, go to a camera that also has at least 720p resolution, a good viewing distance, and a proper backup of the device.

Our security cameras are the best option and method to obtain security for your home and workplace. With the help of the cameras, you can store video footages, which can act as proof of criminal activities.

The best part about installing a security camera is that you can connect it to your TV, smartphone and/or computer. This will make it easy for you to access and watch your vicinity from anywhere at anytime.

FAS Synergies will design, install, and provide the best surveillance solution for you. We aim to help all types and size of businesses, residential or community.