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The current state of law and order in Pakistan’s metropolitan cities, it is only wise to invest in the security of your family and estate. Many people feel that CCTV cameras are a priced choice for commercial applications only. There are, however, several new variants on the market that allow you to monitor your home or work in just a few thousand rupees.

Although monitoring your home or office is the most straightforward use of a security camera, it can also provide an extra layer of safety and comfort in the following instances:

Reducing the chances of theft and harassment
Having a security camera on your doorstep may make robbers wary of targeting a home, or even a car. In many instances, bullying or phone snatching can also be avoided if a camera is placed in a prominent location in the community.

Improving product and retail experience
School and hospital administrators can use security cameras to improve the experience of patients and students and to track quality standards.