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Sales and Content Marketing Go Hand in Hand! Wanna Bet?

According to a research on the best practices of sales performance, the “best in class” companies are 92% more likely to provide sales in content development than those companies which are “laggard”. Similar huge gaps were found in different best practices areas. If your company relies on inbound marketing and takes it as part of the enormous overall business strategy then bettering your relationship with sales ought to be one of your top priorities. In fact, considering sales as your new BFF will eventually make your work as a content marketer more effective.

1 – Position your content on search engines to increase traffic to your website

Target keywords employed by your ideal clients. You’ll be able to drive more traffic to your site. Target these keywords in your content strategy and write articles on these topics. For example, if you sell books online, you might define the keywords used to find an online bookseller or the most popular books. If your customers  have readers patterns on which you can write blog posts, then probably, you might create content with added value to help your customers to learn about your products, but especially on their needs and questions. If it is attracting more traffic to your blog posts and your website pages through search engines and social networks, you will manage to increase your traffic on the one hand and on the other hand your chances of sales will increase through your content.

2- Ask your visitors before turning them into customers

Do you know the issues or common objections of your target customers? Talk about it with your sales team to find out because this data is important! Your sales team or customer service often provides the main link with your customers. They simply know the answers to these questions. Do your customers want to know the delivery time and the ranking of the best books in 2014? If yes, write articles on these topics in order to assist them in their research and give them more content as well as suggest them their other purchases. If you answer the common questions of your customers in your blog posts, you will increase the number of pages on your website that are indexed in the search engines. As a consequence, you will learn your customers. This is a situation where everyone wins!

3 – Rate of value-added content to your visitors by using forms

Offer downloadable content to visitors. Make sure that these offers are attractive and add value to your customers. Opt for organizing tools, plugs, eBook, etc. Make these deals accessible through forms that collect some information about your prospects, such as the name and email address, and ask a question related to your sales process. In the case of a library, for example, it could ask your visitors if they prefer digital books or printed books. Gradually, as your prospects fill out the forms, you will build a database and you can solve their problems directly with exchange with your sales team. If your seller is prepared and knows his customer even before they called, then your chances of making a sale will be much higher. It can adopt a custom speech and adapt to the real needs from your potential consumer’s end.

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