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Information Communication Technologies are essential for all businesses irrespective of the type of business because it can be applied everywhere. Whatever the requirement of the business, whether it is storage, transfer, retrieval or transmitting the information the business can be managed with greater efficiency and precision  with information technologies. If any business is not using the technology, this is the time to get connected or the business will be left behind and will not be able to maintain its competitive edge. This could have severe consequences for the business such as not being able to serve your customers as quickly and efficiently as your competitors are doing. Businesses lost out and might eventually be forced to shut down.Storage: Every business has some computers in their offices. They are used for inventory, sales, receivable and payables and are operated with the appropriate software.  Better use of information technology will help in instant information when needed. Appropriate accounting software will also store your payroll information, tax records and special data that is essential for your business. When you have become familiar with the program, you will realize its advantages and wonder why you did not start using it before. Computerized record keeping will save a tremendous amount of storage space, and will speed up your operations because you can access the desired information in seconds and not have to sift through. The business will operate more efficiently in less space 

Marketing: Both large and small businesses have equal opportunities on the Internet. Your marketing strategy will improve considerably with less expense when you develop a Web presence. The appropriate information technology marketing tool has the capability to sell, or manage the entire business online. This is the ‘Quick Response’ code that looks like a bar code but is square. Businesses can instruct employees or private contractors to carry out Internet marketing for your business and you will also have the opportunity of acquiring a new set of skills in Information Communication Technology 

Information: After learning business management by practical experience or with lessons, the business requires regular updates. This is easily provided by the Internet and will keep your business familiar with all new business trends, techniques, and human resources. The Internet also helps you to use the database and web sites for locating future employees, compare insurance ideas or plans and handle all business issues and be aware of what the competition is doing.