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It is obvious that a company cannot get the intended customer count if the product is not promoted in the correct manner. However, you can market a product on a major scale through free promotion. For instance, social media marketing is one of the dependable free promotion methods that reach out to the customers in a very effective manner. Free promotion does give you a good exposure but that is not always the case. It also depends on the target audience and the product being promoted. If you have a target audience which is not a frequent user of social media platforms, it would be hard to get the desired results through free promotion platforms.

It is an undoubted fact that you need to use paid promotion at a certain stage of the marketing process. Does paid promotion actually produce better results than free promotion? The answer to this question is yes. When you are using paid promotion, tailor-made marketing techniques are used that result in higher sales volumes. However, you start using paid promotion as a method to generate sales; you need to have a budget in hand. This is because this form of promotion can prove to be an expensive venture. What should you start with? Google Ads is something that works for a lot of people. You can place ads by Google on your website and the company would pay you when someone would click on it. However, as a business owner, you should be aware of the terms and conditions that Google has in this case. Along with that, you can use various other promotion methods which would cost you.

When is the time to use paid promotion? This is one question that pops in the mind of almost every business owner.  If your business is growing and a lot of people do not know about your online presence, you should not use paid marketing at that time. The time to use paid promotion does depend on the online reputation or SEO rank that you have. If your company reputation is good and a lot of people know about it, it is a good time to use paid promotion. This is simply because people would visit your link immediately after looking at the brand name On the other hand, when the company is new and many people are unaware of it, it is less likely that they would visit the company website. Even if a few of them visit the website, it is very unlikely that a good percentage of users would visit the advertisement given on your website.