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A buyer would only buy something if he is convinced that he is buying the correct product. In addition to that, he would only be convinced if he has a positive image of the product.  Using cognitive biases of potential buyers does increase the chances of enhancing the conversion rate. Business owners do use cognitive biases to convince the buyers that they are selling the needed products. Using cognitive biases for marketing purposes does require the use of neuroscience. The sensory processes of buyers need to be analyzed so that their decision-making criteria can be analyzed.

Engaging buyers is the most important thing that needs to be done if you want product or services to sell at a good rate. However engaging buyers is not a simple process in any manner. Even if you are selling the unique product, you would have to work on the buying behavior of the potential customer. Engaging buyers simply means that you should convince a visitor to turn into a potential customer. A number of methods can be used to get the attention of the customer including a friendly conversational tone for the website content.  Most customers who visit a website offering products or set of services to go through the content in a detailed manner. Other than that, some customers are highly particular about the content quality and use it as a decisive parameter to rate a website.

Using cognitive biases for selling is a fruitful option for more business owners. This is because this marketing option produces quicker results than other marketing processes. If a business owner uses cognitive biases for selling, he needs to dig deep into the mind of the buyer and get a feel for his buying preferences. In this way, the website design is developed to match these preferences and the content is written accordingly as well. When you talk about cognitive biases for selling, they differ from one customer to the other. For instance, one customer may want to read the whole content before making a decision to buy a product.

Similarly, the other customer may make a decision about buying or not buying a product. Another example can be of being brand specific. One customer may be brand conscious while the other may focus on the quality parameter only. Thus, marketing person needs to study the biases so that they can use the appropriate tone. A buyer makes his move to buy a product on the basis of his mental decisions based on sensory processes.  Companies selling products or set of services online need to study these processes.