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The leadership of the company and country at large play the largest role in this regard. It is absolutely impossible for a company to engage in unethical practices with the top management being unaware of it. In case of medicine and pharmaceutical industry, research and development constitute a significant part of the operations. It has become a common practice in this industry that medicines are circulated in the market without thorough research an approval from the authorities. Companies are aggressively competing against one another. In their race to be number one, they have ignored the importance of their work in other people’s lives have engaged in an extreme level of competition that they often forget their code of conduct and responsibility to the humanity.

The leaders must realize that their work is associated with the lives of billions of individuals. One ignorant or negligent act on their part could lead to disastrous results. Moreover, the governmental agencies must ensure the alleviation of the corrupted activities at least in this sector.The concerned U.S. authorities have taken several initiatives to control the increasing level of corruption in this health and pharmaceutical sector. The recent actions by the SEC and the Ministry of Justice have constituted a legal barrier against these companies, in terms of their foreign operations, that increasingly seems to be more involved in organized crime and other illegal activities taking place in the country.

The people affiliated with this organization are doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, and persons associated with medical ethics. They receive no external funding. Their struggle is not against the pharmaceutical industry, but against the unethical promotion of their products. They believe that control over the promotion of the products lead to a reduction of the influence that pharmaceutical companies have on the practices of health professionals. No Free Lunch believes that pharmaceutical companies exert considerable influence on health professionals with product samples, gifts, and invitations to meals.

Although most medical personnel believe the opposite, it has been documented in many academic publications that promotional materials tend to provide incorrect information.  This organization believes in the integrity of health professionals, and precisely because of their professionalism, they say, should not be left to “buy” or influence by the pharmaceutical industry. The call for ethical and professional practice results in the call to “say no to the samples, pens, paper for notes, calendars, coffee mugs, and of course invitations to meals under the guise of consultancy or training sessions.