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Grab Lessons On Social Media Marketing and Much More!

These days, the good old-fashioned Curriculum Vitae is just one of the many ways of letting a company know of one’s credentials, credibility, and willingness to land a job at said company.The advent of social media has made it imperative that it is used extensively in communication between potential employer and employee. Even though technology kept evolving the nature of the job hunt in the last century from telephone calls and interviews, to fax machines, to simply applying for jobs using email, it took social media till the latter end of the noughties to make its presence felt in the job market.


Now, professional networking giant LinkedIn is one of the foremost media that people are using to make themselves be seen in the job market. They have the option of showcasing their professional portfolio, their experience, education, credentials, anything that makes them stand out in a sea of talent (both qualified and unqualified). Also, it gives potential employers a peek into what an applicant’s previous employers, colleagues, and peers say about him/her, such as with professional recommendations. Not only that, companies themselves now use these media to advertise openings and sifting through the tremendous amount of talent available in the job market. It helps not only job seekers to manage the way they appear to companies but also companies in reaching out to the job market at large on a macro level. This has proved far more efficient and effective than the reactive approach of simply giving out adverts and hoping and waiting for some qualified candidates to apply and show up for interviews.

Companies & Social Networking

Companies also use social networking to lure ‘passive’ job seekers – those who aren’t exactly looking for a new job but may consider an opportunity in the event of one arising. Many other social networking services, even though they are not dedicated to professional and business-oriented networking, find themselves in use as means of communication between companies and job seekers. Facebook, for instance, which is a lot bigger than LinkedIn in terms of online size, is often used to propagate job postings and contact info to the masses. Along with Twitter and Google Plus, Facebook can also be used like LinkedIn in terms of making new contacts which can be used find out about and apply for new job openings. And then there are the portals and websites than companies themselves make use of in order to let job seekers apply for positions – both available and those that may come up in the future.

Social media has changed a lot in the landscape of the job market and will continue to do so for a long time yet. For more information about content marketing services from FAS Synergies, visit our services page and get marketing aid instantly!