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The technology necessary for hospital settings for the successful implementation of information technology in hospitals much more is required than buying and installing the hardware and software.  Since doctors are the main users of IT systems in hospitals, they should be consulted in the design, selection, and implementation of the systems. The first step would be to educate doctors on technological innovations and development. The task force for implementing medical information systems should comprise of doctors, clinical and non-clinical staff including administrative staff that will use the information systems.

For The technology necessary for hospital settings  The idea is to use the academic and mental capacity and end-users to ensure that correct decision are reached in the selection and design of different IT mechanisms. The next step would be to build up an image and policy for achieving the hospital’s goal must be to create better efficiency for the welfare of patients. Not having a clear-cut strategy would create more work related problems because of the complexity of the IT system. Communicate your vision to the doctors and staff that will be using it.  Hospitals need to communicate effectively with those who are too comfortable with the old systems and reluctant to use the new technological systems.

When convincing the end users about The technology necessary for hospital settings it is very important to inform each user of the potential benefits for him/her in using the new technological systems. It would be a wise step to test physician and staff out by creating a site that allows the staff to experiment with the new technology.  It would also help to establish an effective procedure to receive feedbacks from the staff about their experience with the new system. The software and hardware installed must have accommodation for future changes and expansion. Be sure of your strategy and vision for the new technology and the people and assets which might be required to solve future problems.

For The technology necessary for hospital settings the approval and endorsement by the medical executive committee is required and should be carried out immediately. Without the support of the MEC, the medical staff could be reluctant to approve the technology. Doctors must be given training on the use of the technology and hospitals should provide training onsite for doctors and other staff by qualified and trained personnel. Make sure that the trainers use easy to understand and use language and not overwhelm the trainees with too much technical jargon. Make use of the initial gains to make more changes.