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What are keywords? Why do you need to use them? How do these specific words make the written content more effective? These are some of the many questions that are present in the minds of website owners. Keywords are specific words that need to be included in the content so that the overall ranking of the website can be improved. These keywords keep changing according to the searched preferences of the users. Various tools are used to determine the relevant words that have to be included in the content.

As a website owner or someone who wants his brand to grow, it is important to have basic knowledge about keyword ratios. In simple terms, keyword ratios define the proportion in which specific targeted word would be included in your content. Content marketing experts recommend certain places in the content where these words have to be placed. For instance, to get the maximum search engine hits, keywords have to be placed in the title of the content piece, the first paragraph and the URL as well. Through keyword ratios, you can determine the exact count of the keyword according to the length of the content. Along with the count, the correct placement of these words also makes a lot of difference.

You do not have to follow a complicated procedure for calculating keyword ratios. The number of times a particular keyword would be present in your content depends on word count. For instance, if you want a keyword density of 0.6% in your content, the keyword would occur 3 times in a word count of 500 words. Calculating keyword ratios is important if you want to get quality readers on your website at regular intervals.  Simply overstuffing the content with keywords drops the quality level. You may get readers initially but they would not return to your website as quality content would not be available.  Calculating keyword ratios depends on the length of the content. Content writing specialists perform the calculation process and then use the keywords accordingly. The keywords that need to be used depend on the searching preferences of users. In other words, keywords change from time to time. To get a website among the top searched results, it is very important that the correct keywords are used. Thus, content experts perform a comprehensive research process to determine the related keywords before they paraphrase the content. A new website needs to be marketed effectively so that the rank is improved in terms of searched results. As a brand owner if you want your website to grow, it is important that you hire a professional team of experts.