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Revolutionizing The Internet


At FAS Synergies, we have the industry & technology experience required to solve the most multifaceted of businesses and technology-related problems. We not only understand technology but also how to control its impact on businesses. Proficiency in the diverse technologies helps us design manageable products & systems that are highly scalable. Our solutions rightly complement business strategies that are presented along with structures and the very vision of our clients, thereby ensuring the best of solutions. Our solutions also optimize your IT budget.

Fassynergies offers 24/7 technology solution service

Our services include Web Design, Web Development, Biometric Installation, Wifi Networking, Wifi Installation, and Camera Installation among many others. You can rest assured of getting the best of reliability, performance, competitive prices, customer support, experience, and ease of use in services.

Our mantra is simple; to join hand with you in order to assist you in day-to-day business matter especially when it comes to your reputation in the market, thereby maintaining our own reputation. Therefore, we will feel the sensitivity of your business matters as the same way you do, so that we ensure a win-win situation for both of us.

Our services

Biometric Installation Service

We provide various kinds of Biometric Attendance System products.

Camera Installation Service

We install CCTV cameras with the help of our expert CCTV installation crew.

Customer Relationship Management

Hire our professional Customer Relationship Managment to respond your clients faster.

Logo Designing Service

We have years of experience in logo designing, creating unique yet affordable logo designs.

Wi-Fi Networking Service

We deliver the best wireless installation service for indoor and outdoor networks.

WordPress Management

At Fassynergies we offer a complete WordPress solution at a reasonable price.

WordPress Website Design

Hire our professional WordPress Designers to bring your ideas to life.

“Fas synergies mission is to offer IT support services to ALL SIZE OF BUSINESSEs.”

frequently asked questions

What is a managed IT services provider?

A managed IT services provider, sometimes called an outsourced IT services provider, is an information technology service providing company that manages IT services for other companies or commercial enterprises. These services reduce IT related costs and greatly improve network security levels and efficiency.

How would my company benefit from managed IT services?

Some of the many benefits of FAS Synergies’s managed IT services for commercial clients include:

  • Lesser operating costs
  • Enhanced network access
  • Enhanced network performance
  • Enhanced IT continuity
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Knowledge that your IT services are in the hands of the best experts 24/7
What if I have an existing IT staff?

A lot of our commercial clients have an existing IT staff. We work with them to relieve them and share their responsibilities so they can direct their focus on larger projects being present at the physical location of the business. This allows for more efficiency, saving time and money.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs attached. Before starting any work on your project, we discuss with you your order requirements and price accordingly. If you need any additional changes and/or additions an additional cost will be agreed. Moreover, if there is any need to alter the price quote, we will let you know before commencing any extra work on your project.

How does billing work? Do I get billed every time we call you for assistance?

Of course not. Only if you require assistance that is outside of your plan is any additional payment.

How do I get started with your managed IT services for commercial enterprises?

To get started with FAS Synergies’ managed IT services for commercial enterprises, you can visit our contact page, call us, or simply fill out the form below.